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Emotional Quotient with Intelligence Quotient:

The ability to understand and express emotions can play a significant role in an individual’s life. We offer this unique and healthy balance of EQ with IQ, which is imperative for a holistic achievement. This has been corroborated thorough recent research in individual leadership development.

Individual attention:

In the play school there are less than 20 students in each class. A teacher student ratio of 1:10 is maintained to ensure that each child receives the proper amount of individual attention that is the key to successful multiple intelligence curriculum.

Our Faculty/ Facilitators:

We take great care in selecting the teachers who will facilitate the growth of the child. They are individual’s with a flair of handling children and a dedication to match. We further train them in our methods and processes so that they fully appreciate our vision and aspirations in education. Out facilitators give personalized care in motivating budding minds to explore, understand and learn so every Orange Ivy kid is able to handle day to day situations without any stress.

Parent Participation:

The learning process is incomplete without the involvement of the parent especially at this tender age. We have a unique family partnership program whereby the child’s family partners him/her in the learning process. We send periodic feedback to keep the parents informed aboutthe child’s performance in the Pre-School.


We provide a colorful, attractive, warm and caring environment where our motto is “Safety first”. With child-friendly and age-appropriate toys and equipment, a garden, a splash-pool and a play area every child can have fun and feel safe.