Top Seven Healthy Snacks for overall growth of your child

Children can be a little fussy about food sometimes. If you are a parent, you would know what a glorious understatement that is. Children are a hell lot fussy about food and they can throw innumerable tantrums just about anything.

I remember, as a child, my brother once threw seven omelets to the crows that would sit on our porch and my mother was wondering how an otherwise fussy child could eat so many omelets and later, on discovering his endeavors, she beat him like a beaten egg.

The moral of the story is children’s food tantrums and habits not only make the parents sad for their child’s health, the whole thing also ends up turning a loving parent into a God of Wrath. But we have ways to avoid both these things and all you have to do is sit back and listen patiently.

Here are 7 snacks that your child would eat with a lot of yum.


There are more than one reasons why your child wouldn’t want to eat kale or other leafy veggies and fruits. And why should they?

Look at the grownups making faces when it comes to vegetables like kale. So how do you push it down your child’s throat and into their stomach anyway?

Smoothies! Smoothies are the answer. Make yummy, delicious smoothies out of any vegetable or fruit which seems too hard to get your child to eat, and they will have to bow to the sweetness!

Multiple Fruits and Nuts

A good mix-up of multiple fruits and nuts and cereals makes for a great morning snack for the children.Nuts contain iron, zinc, and magnesium among other important minerals and therefore, it is very necessary that your child eats all these nutrients.Present such mix-ups of food, and maybe add some muesli too and present it to your child in a nice bowl and look at them as they eat through and ask for more.


I don’t know if there exists a single grownup who doesn’t like waffles. And if grownups can’t, children most, most certainly cannot hate on something like waffles.

It’s sweet and it’s tasty, the only thing left to be done is make it healthy. Prepare a whole-grain waffle breakfast and top it with some yummy fruit jelly or honey.

This can be a good alternative to the usual peanut butter breakfast that children generally eat. Since whole-grain contains iron and vitamins, you can rest assured that your child is eating the healthiest breakfast available.

Oatmeal Cookies

Kids and cookies from special kinds of bonds and it is indestructible. However, buying the high-calorie cookies from the markets may not be a very wise decision, for it will not only make the children’s lives and eating habits unhealthy but will also make it a costly affair for you.

An alternative to this can be baking your own cookies at home. Oatmeal cookies can work really well in this sense. You can add all the nuts and fruits you want to these cookies and make it a delicious affair.

Serve a platter of such cookies with milk, and there isn’t a single reason why the kids won’t jump in joy!

Fruit Cheese Sticks

Fruits can work as a great source of evening snack. A combination of fruit and cheese is highly likely to work well and the children may soon even develop a habit of eating fruits in this manner.

To make it all the more attractive, you can choose to cut the cheese in different shapes and styles like the moons and stars. It would look very pleasant and be appealing to the children.


And now we come to probably the biggest problem that children create while eating – not wanting to eat roti or parathas. This can be quite frustrating because a roti is a part of the staple food that we all eat and it is very necessary that it becomes a part of the children’s diet.

But it shouldn’t be a problem if you could add some beans and pepper and ketchup and cheese to the roti, roll them up and roast them to make quesadillas!

All these foods are certain to make your child want to eat more, and that too, in eternal delight. And there’s no reason why you should wait anymore to make one of these!

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